When taken as a whole, CDRA faculty currently are involved in a large number of funded research projects. The table below includes a list of grant activity for all CDRA faculty between 2013-2015.

Grant Title Funding Source Award Amount Award Period Principal Investigator Additional CDRA Collaborator
Multiscale Examination of Warm-Season Precipitation Extremes National Science Foundation $604,760 2010-15 Russ Schumacher
Disaster Preparedness in Colorado Childcare Centers and InHome Care Facilities Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Preparedness Division, Region VIII $30,000 2012-14 Lori Peek
Youth-Centered Disaster Recovery: A Participatory Action Research Project Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada $187,867 2012-15 Robin Cox Lori Peek, Co-PI
Problems Related to the Oil and Gas Industry During a Flood Disaster: The Nature and Extent of Citizen Complaints and Satisfaction with Government Responses Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado $2,550 2013-14 Tara Shelley Tara Opsal, Co-PI
The Gulf Coast Children’s Initiative Baton Rouge Area Foundation $2,104,484 2013-15 Irwin Redlener Lori Peek, Co-PI
Explicit Forecasts of Recurrence Intervals for Rainfall: Evaluation and Implementation Using Convection-Allowing Models National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration $65,970 2014-15 Russ Schumacher
Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering: Stakeholder Project Team Federal Emergency Agency $8,000 2014-15
Lori Peek, Co-PI
Sandy Child and Family Health Study New Jersey State Department of Health $1,190,000 2014-15 David Abramson and Donna VanAlst Lori Peek, Co-PI
Identifying Divergence Between the Theory & Practice of Fireground Communication: A Clinical Examination of Fireground Communication Praxis Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency $1,398,883 2015 Timothy Amidon Craig Trumbo, Co-PI Elizabeth Willims, Co-PI
Reducing the Risk to Our Schools from Natural Hazards and Improving the Safety of Our Children Federal Emergency Management Agency $19,200 2015-16 Applied Technology Council Lori Peek, Project Management Committee
Reducing Vulnerability to Extreme Weather Event; Global Challenges Research Team School of Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University $10,000 2015-16 Craig Trumbo Lori Peek, Co-PI Melinda Laituri, Co-PI
A Risk-Informed Decision Framework to Achieve Resilient and Sustainable Buildings that Meet Community Objectives National Science Foundation $760,000 2015-19 John van de Lindt Lori Peek, Co-PI
Shelter-in-place Compliance during Hazardous Release Emergencies: The Effect of Communications Access in Terrorist/Accidental Chemical/Radiological Events NSF/CMMI $581, 025 2015-18 Craig Trumbo Lori Peek, Co-PI
Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning National Institute of Standards and Technology $20,000,000 2015-20 John van de Lindt Lori Peek, Co-I