Still Waiting: Life Ater Katrina

The three main characters in Still Waiting

Still Waiting: Life After Katrina is a remarkable story of resilience, family, and attachment to place. The documentary focuses on an African-American/Creole family of 155 people from the New Orleans area.

Still Waiting premiered on PBS stations across the country during the second anniversary of

Katrina in August 2007 and continues to be broadcast today.

On this website, you can read more about the story of the film, learn about classroom opportunities, read reviews by library journals, scholars, and individuals, see more photos of the family, and learn more about the production of the film. Order a copy for yourself or your library now.

Still Waiting is a collaboration of filmmaker Ginny Martin and anthropologist Kate Browne.


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Still Waiting: Life After Katrina is a collaborative project of producer, director, cinematographer, editor Ginny Martin, and Kate Browne, producer, Afro-Creole specialist, and research director.

The documentary was filmed between October 2005 and March 2007 and was funded by National Science Foundation, Colorado State University, and Women in Film.

Kate Browne Kate Browne is a professor of anthropology at Colorado State University. Her first book, Creole Economics: Caribbean Cunning Under the French Flag, was published by University of Texas Press in 2004 and concerns Martinique’s colonial and postcolonial tensions with France, islanders’ concern for personal autonomy, Creole systems of status, and gender relations, and how each of these shape the thriving informal economy of Martinique. Her second book, Economics and Morality: Anthropological Approaches, was released in November 2009, and is edited with Lynne Milgram. Read Kate's opinion piece.

Ginny MartinGinny Martin is an independent filmmaker with two national Emmy Awards for documentary productions. She accumulated more than 25 years experience as producer and director for the PBS affiliate channel in Dallas, Texas, (KERA) and has produced numerous programs for public television, including The Power of Harmony (June 2006), Matisse and Picasso (Emmy nominee), The U.S. Mexican War (a four part series, and Emmy winner) After Goodbye, An AIDS Story (Emmy winner) Frozen Music, the Making of a Concert Hall, and Wildflowers with Helen Hayes.