Jennifer Tobin-Gurley is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology and the Director of Research at the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis at Colorado State University. She is currently collecting data for her dissertation research titled, "Educational Continuity Following the 2013 Colorado Floods: A Case Study of Lyons Elementary and Middle/Senior High School." Broadly speaking, the focus of her research is to learn more about the displacement and relocation process for Lyons students and schools following the 2013 Colorado Floods. This seems to be an exemplar case for learning about educational continuity following a disaster, and as such, she is interviewing people who were directly involved with disaster planning, response, and recovery activities within the community of Lyons as well as for Lyons Elementary and Middle/Senior High schools. This includes people at the district level as well as principals, administrators, counselors, teachers, and parents at each school. The main purpose of this study is to learn from this experience to continue to improve disaster planning for schools in the future.

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