Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis

Colorado State University 
B-258 Clark Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1784 

Our Mission

The Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis (CDRA) at Colorado State University is dedicated to reducing the harm and losses caused by natural, technological, and human-caused disasters. Central to achieving this goal is learning how social inequality impacts the ability of marginalized groups to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster.

What We Do

CDRA staff conduct interdisciplinary research on natural hazards risk and disaster impacts; help prepare the disaster professionals of the future by teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students; and engage in outreach efforts geared to government, non-profit organizations, and private entities to improve disaster planning and response and to promote individual and community resilience.

Our Four Guiding Goals:

1. Minimize the harm and suffering caused by disasters by focusing on social vulnerability and human impacts. Our mantra is that no disaster is inevitable, but to mitigate the effects of disaster takes time, intelligence, heart, political will, and economic investment.

2. Emerge as a center of scholarly research in the social impacts of disasters. Scholars affiliated with CDRA have both quantitative and qualitative methodological expertise. Research conducted through CDRA is theoretically informed and rigorous in its design. The work that is produced has strong application to real-world problems, with the potential to affect policies and programs related to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. CDRA researchers recognize the importance of not only conducting the research, but also highlighting its timely and critically important implications.

3. Train a future generation of hazards and disasters researchers and professionals by mentoring and advising students and helping them find internships that will help launch them into meaningful positions. CDRA seeks to attract graduate students with a strong desire to make valuable contributions to the study of human impacts of disaster.

4. Become a clearinghouse for disaster-related information and resources by communicating research findings, sharing publications and data sets, and publicizing the activities of CDRA staff, partners, and affiliates.